About [A|M]

ArchivesMouse is my most recent brainchild, stemming from my love and interest in the ever-changing world of archival science.  With this blog, I hope to explore various concepts connected to archives and special collections.  This includes the digital humanities, social media, changing theory and standards, Web 2.0, and archives in popular culture.  Some posts will be about my experiences, others will focus on national or international events and trends; all will (hopefully) be fun and insightful!  I am always seeking to develop my personal and professional interests through independent study and reading.  As a result, this blog should show my development over time.

As an undergraduate student, I am learning a lot about archives, special collections, and the digital humanities.  Most of this experience comes from hands-on learning (the so-called School of Hard-Knocks); I have no formal or specialized education in the archival or information sciences, although I hope to enter a Master’s program upon my graduation from a small liberal-arts school in Central Pennsylvania.  I have experience working both for my college’s archive and for my local historical society, and have worked on projects taking me to the National Archives in Washington.

You can reach me by writing to me at author.archivesmouse@gmail.com.  I try to answer as quickly as possible.