What Is An Archive?

In my experience, people tend to only be familiar with the concept of an archive in name only.  As a result of this dearth of public familiarity, I created the infographic below, as a tool to explain where I work and why I work there.

What Is An Archive? Infographic

Feel free to use the graphic for all of your needs!  Please observe the Creative Commons license attributed to the image.


4 thoughts on “What Is An Archive?

  1. I think this infographic is great! It works well as a simple resource in understanding what exactly an archive is. I also appreciate that you’ve included links to other formal resources for further exploration. The graphic is not only stylistically appealing but very simple to follow. Great job.

  2. This is a great way to teach people what an archive is for people like me who really aren’t educated in this area. The image is a great way to teach people what they need to know about archiving and it’s simple and easy to follow. Great job on creating this!

  3. I agree that this infographic looks great and helps make your blog more accessible to the public. An idea for future infographics would be to have the icons of the smithsonian and national archives be hyperlinked to their pages instead of having the url shown. If this is even possible it would reduce some clutter and make your infographic even more interactive!

  4. Great job on the infographic. It’s clear and easy to read and it really clears up a lot of confusion that I think a lot of people have about what an archive is. I agree with Max, it would be awesome if you could make an interactive one at some point in the future.

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