Rare Medieval Name Tags

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A word of warning: this post may make you want to weep. Last week I blogged about tiny pieces of parchment, paper birch bark, and wood that were filled with short messages from individuals in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (check out Texting in Medieval Times). The snippets – from a soldier’s request for more beer to a duke’s shopping…

Amidst the Spires

Hello Wonderful Readers! For this upcoming year, I will be posting less on ArchivesMouse, and spending more time blogging on my personal/student blog, Amidst the Spires.  I hope you enjoy AtS as much as you do A|M!

Off for the Holidays!

Hello Everyone!  Here’s hoping that the season has found you all safe and well!  ArchivesMouse will be taking a break until January 6, 2014.  Keep a look-out for some awesome posts in the new year!

Holiday Guides for Archivists!

As your shopping for the holidays is winding down, consider some of these options for the archivist or archives buff in your life! Metadata Mug Wide-Base Mugs “My Heart Belongs…” Shirt Zaner-Bloser Notebooks “I Don’t Dump” iPhone case Archivist Books Future Archivist Baby Bodysuit Microfiche Necklaces See also: ArchiveGrid Holiday Shopping Guide

What Is An Archive? Infographic

What Is An Archive? Infographic Goes Live!

Chances are that you have either wondered what an archive is, or have had to explain the same to someone else. In my own experience, explaining where I work and what I do there can be tiring. Hopefully, that explanation work will be much easier as a result of this infographic, which I have created…